( Three Year Term Effective 1/1/21 )



Duties of Local Lodge Officers

A good local lodge begins with good leadership. Good leadership means officers who know their duties - presidents who understand how rules of order contribute to better meetings, recording secretaries who know how to keep minutes and handle correspondence, financial secretaries who understand the need for accurate, up-to-date financial records.

Good leadership means teamwork in planning meetings, staffing committees, making assignments, preparing reports and carrying out all the other duties required by a local lodge.

The Executive Board is the most important Committee in a Lodge. "Teamwork" among officers is the key to a strong and successful union. Teamwork is possible only if the Lodge officers meet together as an Executive Board to discuss the needs, policies and programs of the Lodge and to reach agreement on recommendations which are then reported to the Lodge meeting for membership action, after any necessary further discussion.

This means that a Lodge Executive Board should meet regularly in advance of the regular membership meeting to review the correspondence, to plan the meeting agenda, to take note of Lodge finances and to recommend action by the membership which will carry out the responsibilities and programs of the Lodge.

As chief executive officer of the Lodge, the President is both Lodge leader and "quarterback" of the "team" of elected officers. He/She provides leadership to the Lodge, not as a dictator, but through and with the cooperation of the entire Executive Board. Decisions and recommendations of the Executive Board become the President's decisions and recommendations.

The team must also include the stewards, who are the Lodge representatives in the workplace. Stewards are in closer contact with the membership on a day to day basis than officers. Lodge officers must work through the stewards for increased membership participation at meetings, on committees and in Local Lodge activities.

Local 743 officers and shop committee members are elected directly by the membership for a three year term. Duties include contract administration and enforcement and the handling of first and second step grievances. In addition, the shop committee members play an integral roll as a member advocate when management accuses or charges a co-worker with some type of misconduct.

Dianna Koch

Travis Williams
(Vice President)

(Recording Secretary)

Vic Ghidoni
(Secretary Treasurer)

Steve Mollinson
(Conductor / Sentinel)




DIANNA KOCH                   Carey St. MARTIN




                          BOB MACLEAN                KEITH DEHANEY (TLD)




                               PAUL DUFF              CHRISTENE McCORMACK