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Click Here to see video. Careful with that Timecard, Last Chance Agreements, Stewards/Management Rules of Engagement 15 things every steward should remember, Seniority and Ability in Promotions and Layoffs, and Communicating across Cultures. Welcoming New Workers, Why Contracts Can Be Hard to Interpret, Combating Steward Burnout, Making the Most of Grievance Meetings Watch Out for Outsourcing, Stewards and Credibility, Resolving Conflicts In the Workplace, Enforcing Past Practice Tell a Winning Story, Settling Problems Before They Become Grievances, Making the Most of Information Requests Controlling the Loose Cannon, Stewards and Negotiations, Organizing Around Workload Issues, Countering Management’s Games Orienting New Workers, Defending Dues: The Bottom Line, Fighting on the Job, Get Your Story Straight A Steward’s New Year’s Resolutions, Helping Troubled Co-Workers Communicating with Members, Weingarten Rights, FMLA Q&A, Helping Newer Stewards  Dealing with Difficult Bosses, Defending the “Indefensible”, Finding “Just Cause” Fighting “Steward Stress”, Making Your Goals Clear, Keeping a Grievance File Grievance Scene Investigation, Avoiding Surprises in Arbitration, Stewards and Workplace Violence, Talking vs. Communicating Effective Listening, Demotions as Punishment, Stewards and Politics, Managing Your Time  New Ways to Welcome New workers, Think Beyond “Grievance”, Denial of Promotions as Discipline, Immigrants, Solidarity and Strength Rallying the Troops with Fun, One-o n-One Recruiting, Discipline for Poor Performance, A “Do Not Do” List Gaining and Maintaining Respect, Workers’ Comp, Discourtesy and Discipline, 10 Rookie Mistakes Grievance Scene Investigation, Avoiding Surprises in Arbitration, Stewards and Workplace Violence, Talking vs. Communicating Steward-Member Confidentiality, Getting Members to Help Out, Lie Detectors in Discipline Cases, Assertive Grievance Presentation Stewards and Technology, “You Broke a Rule!” Keeping Your Cool, Duty of Fair Representation, Stewards as Speakers, Refusing Dangerous Assignments, Defending Dues, Some Steward Q&A’s The Art of Note-Taking, Family and Medical Leave Act, the Steward’s Protected Status, Electronic Organizing The Importance of Reporting Back, Steward ABC’s, Alternative Approaches to Discipline, Vacation and Holiday Disputes Turning Negatives into Positives, Prior Records and Discipline, Witness for the Union, Mobilizing Your Members Fighting Contracting Out, Ten Secrets of Successful Grievance Presentation, Keys to Successful Small Group Meetings Strategic Grievance Handling, Lying to Cover Up Dishonesty, “GLB T”: It Stands for “A Union Issue”, Movies that Motivate Click Here to download Click to view Click to View Click to view video Click to view video